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We're launching a free tournament series where players battle against each other to claim $1,000,000 worth of FLIP tokens*

*FLIP Tokens won in the beta tournament are issued after the public sale. They cannot be exchanged for cash or traded for items of value.

_1.0 Launch Tournament

$1,000,000 Worth of Token Prizes

We're launching our beta platform with a free tournament series where players battle against each other to claim the top of the leaderboard at the end of 10 minute rounds.

10 Minute Rounds

Rounds last for 10 minutes, how high can you get your coin balance.

Finish at the Top

Wager your coins against other players and climb the leaderboard.

Claim the Jackpot

At the end of each round, the player with the most coins claims the token jackpot.

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_2.0 Problem

Currently, casinos win when their players lose.

With CryptoFlip, if our players lose, it's only ever to another player.

We see many flaws in the current gambling world. Centralised systems – with odds that have to favour the house and hidden outcome determination – have left players in the dark, until now.

They Win When You Lose
Players are in direct competition with the casino for the same funds and in the current centralised model, the casinos have too much control.
Insecurity of Funds
Current gaming operators require you to deposit your funds with them before you start playing, forcing you to relinquish control of your wealth.
House Edge
Current online casinos and betting operators build a house edge into their games so that in the long run they make money.
No Transparency
The online gambling sector and its supply chain has always been opaque to players requiring users to simply trust that the games are being run fairly.
Legacy Technology
Centralised data centers, Flash based games, delays on the determination of results, inconsistent UX, slow payment channels and a failure to evolve leave the online gambling sector feeling stagnant.
Unreasonable Fees
There are usually obscure costs, fees, or restrictions placed on players’ accounts, especially around deposit and withdrawals that just shouldn't exist today.
_3.0 Opportunity

Peer-to-Peer Wagering

Connecting players directly, knowing they have an equal chance of taking each other's crypto.

The rise of decentralised blockchains presents the perfect opportunity to address many of the flaws of traditional online gaming operators and disrupt one of the largest industries in the world.

Taking the house out of the equation means we can provide a fair, secure, and trustworthy platform that allows players from all over the world to bet confidently and gamble safely.


Flat Low Fees

We capture a small percentage of wager volume. Most of this will be returned to the player community through rewards and bonuses, the rest is used to maintain and improve the platform and games.


Wager in Ether (ETH)

Forcing players to acquire a new in-app currency is an enormous barrier to entry. With us, you're able to wager with your existing ETH and we plan to support cross-currency wagers.


Tamper-proof Gaming

Our game logic inside a black box. Our smart contracts are open for all to see. You will be able to trace your funds and outcome determination the whole way through.


No Deposits Required

Your funds stay in your control. No longer do you need to give us your money and ask for it back. It's only ever in your wallet or in short-term escrow on the blockchain.


Whale Friendly

With no requirement to bankroll jackpots win potential is only limited by there being someone game enough to match you.


Players Always Win

With CryptoFlip, players always win. Either you or the person you've wagered against is taking the other's crypto.

_5.0 Games

We're building a full suite of games, ranging from pure chance to strategy and skill.



Gambling in it's simplest form. A pure 50/50 chance of winning on a coin flip.

In Beta


A roulette style game with flexible configuration and massive win potential.

In Development

Rock, Paper, Scissors

A strategy game where players wager on the basic battle of the mind.

Coming Soon


Take turns trying to avoid landing on a mine. If you do, game over.



A turn based strategy game where players aim to destroy their opponent's fleet.


Five Card Draw Poker

A simple version of poker where the highest hand wins.

_6.0 Team

Passion. Hustle. Experience.

Our core team has experience in building, growing, and operating startups. Our development team includes 2017 Consensus Hackathon winners. Our advisory board includes industry leaders from some of the largest betting exchanges in the world.

Bottom line - we get shit done.

Max Kenny

Serial Tech Entrepreneur

Samuel Brooks

Winner 2017 ConsensUs HACKathon

Stefan Hamann

Former 888 & PADDYPOWER

James Sargeant

Former Reg-Comp Betfair

Rob Smith

Gaming/Legal ADVISOR
Former Casumo, Odobo & DLA

Tim Bass


Steven Hanley


Chavi Jindal

Backend Engineer

Kapil Bindal

Frontend Engineer

Abhishek Khanna


Sunil Verma


Ronan Wall

Gambliing Advisor
Former Ops Lead Paddypower

Gerard Cunningham

Gambling advisor
Former CEO Betfair US

Matthew Kellie

Player Acquisition
Former Growth Supercell

Alan Burt

Business Advisor
Block8 / vc

Join the Team

We're building some really cool stuff and are always looking for passionate, talented individuals to join the team. Work remotely with full control over how you execute.

Let's Do This
_7.0 Token

Token driven entropy

We utilize our token holders as an independent 3rd party voice in providing entropy, resulting in truly random outcome generation for players.


Tokens are staked within the ecosystem

The same way tokens are used to validate transactions in POS (proof of stake) blockchains, we use ours to generate randomness for our players.


Token used for random outcome generation

Unique token holder data is selected at random and paired with real-time wager data to generate a result for each game.


Token holders are rewarded for contribution

Token holders, who contribute to this integral function within the ecosystem, earn a portion of the fees collected from total wager volume.

_8.0 Documentation
_9.0 Licenses

Protecting our players

Many crypto gaming platforms are operating on the fringes of the digital realm from jurisdictions that have no power to support in following responsible gambling practices or resolving player disputes.

Player’s protection and socially responsible gaming are paramount to us and we're committed to adhering to government legislation and regulations.

We will be securing Tier 1 gaming licences from the largest jurisdictions so that our players can not only feel confident with the transparency and integrity of the CryptoFlip business but they are also safe in the knowledge that CryptoFlip will be subject to regulatory oversight.

_10.0 Private Sale

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